The Trekking & Climbing Experience in Halkidiki and on the Mount Olympus


This workshops combine the fantastic natural landscapes of Greece with the adventure of a climbing expedition. The excursions offer instructive adventure for beginners, new challenges for experienced mountaineers and an unforgettable experience for all participants.

The climbing workshop can be an exciting addition to your stay in Greece as well as its concept.

Our workshops are adapted to the skill levels and the individual needs of the participants.

In a nutshell: It’s simply about having a really great time, which everyone likes to remember.


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'Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing'
Barry Finlay

'Because it's there'
George Mallory

'To see what others can not...
You must climb the mountain'
Ron Akers



The Workshops


Option 1 - The Olympus Experience
Two days at the residence of gods


The Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2.918m. The Olympus is known as a place of unique beauty with remarkable ecological characteristics and extraordinary landscape-impressions. The mountain gained famousness by the Greek mythology as the residence of the twelve Gods.
The trekking & climbing-tour is accompanied by experienced guides, certified by the Greek Federation of Mountaineering. Various difficulty-levels in our workshops enable a perfect insight into the world of trekking for beginners as well as a sophisticated experience for professional climbers.


Expedition 1: Trekking

On this expedition you will be invited to a wonderful journey to the Olympus. The excursion starts at an altitude of 1.120m to the target point ‘Plateau of the Muses’. This journey leads through beech-forests and alpine fields. On an altitude of 2.650m we will settle our base for the night, overlooking the Crown of the Olympus and the Throne of Zeus in a breathtaking, panoramic view.
Early in the morning of the following day, we get ready for the descent of the mountain. The route leads through the impressive gorge of ‘Enipea’

Group Restriction: none


Expedition 2: Trekking & Rock Climbing

For all adventurers, interested in the ascent to the max beyond the circular path offer an additional climb to the highest peak of the Mount Olympus, the ‘Mytikas’ on an altitude of 2.918m

Group Restriction: 5 persons
We are providing all necessary equipment


Visual Impressions of the Mount Olympus Exkursion




Option 2 - Climbing in Halkidiki
Volcanic Rocks & Azur Sea


Climbing in Loutra - Agia Paraskevi, Halkidiki

A pleasant excursion including climbing, abseiling and swimming in the crystal-clear water of the magnificent volcanic environment of Loutra near Agia Paraskevi on the peninsula Kassandra. The excursion starts with a climb to the top of the cliffs of the thermal baths, followed by abseiling on the rocks next to the beach. On a plateau above the sea you can decide spontaneously whether you want to go ahead by further abseiling down to the beach or by cliff-diving into the sea. The experienced guide will make sure you are stay safe and sound on any time. Enjoy this wonderful experience of a jump from the cliffs into the amazing bay of Loutra.

This workshop offers an exciting first climbing-impression for newbie’s as well as an entertaining excursion for experienced climbers.
The location close to the sea makes this climbing-trip a perfect experience also on warmer days during summer.

All necessary equipment is provided.


Photographic Impressions of the Loutra Climbing-Trip




Option 3 - Climbing at Meteora

Details Coming Soon..



The Instructor


panagiotis goumperis profile climbing

Panagiotis Goumperis

Panagiotis Goumperis graduated in the fields of study ‘Physical Education’ and ‘Sport Science’ at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

He is a certified Mountain Guide, Mountaineer and Climbing Instructor

In recent years he has been intensively occupied in educational climbing for adults. Panagiotis Goumperis teaches beginners as well as experienced learners in various climbing areas all over Greece and all the year. Additionally he is an instructor for hiking and climbing in winter-environments.

He participated and organized many excursions in mountainous landscapes in Greece and all over Europe.




It's Tailor Made


Our climbing-workshops are designed for everyone, looking for an exciting adventure during the stay in Greece.

Climbing and mountaineering is an exciting experience for backpackers, individual-travelers, study-travelers, classes, groups and families.

The climbing-workshop can be adjusted to every skill-level of experience. The excursions can be styled with focus on an educational framework or for pure entertainment.

We also offer take care for accommodation and transportation.

The climbing-tours below are our basic offers. Don’t hesitate to ask us for further climbing-locations.


The Deal


The Olympus Experience

  1 - 6 Persons 7 - 14 Persons
15 - 21 Persons
Two-day Expedition 310,00 Euro per Group
620.00 Euro per Group
930.00 Euro per Group
Two-day Excursion incl. climb crest 380.00 Euro per Group 760.00 Euro per Group 1140.00 Euro per Group
Three-day Expedition 440,00 Euro per Group 880,00 Euro per Group 1320,00 Euro per Group
Three-day Excursion incl. climb crest 510,00 Euro per Group 1100,00 Euro per Group 1610,00 Euro per Group

The calculation

The mountain-guide calculates a fixed price for the excursion whether 2 or 6 people are participating.
Due safety reasons, each group of 6 persons is guided by an educated mountaineer. In case the number of participants exceeds 6 or 12 persons, an additional guide for each group of 6 persons is required

The lodging

On the 2-day Excursion, the participants are offered accommodation in a refuge on the Mount Olympus.
Price for a bed at the refuge is about 12 Euro per night.
The refuge also offers meals for reasonable prices



Loutra - Halkidiki

  4 - 5 Persons
6 - 7 Persons 8 - 10 Persons
70,00 Euro per Person 50,00 Euro per Person
40,00 Euro per Person


Meteora Monumental

  --- ---
Further Information Regarding The 'Meteora-Monumental' Excursion Will Be Announced Soon






Lea Aimee
63077 Kassandria, Halkidiki
Cell: +30 697 1751380
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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