Guided Thematic Hiking
Guided hiking with topical background


Theme Hike No. 1
"Old traditions - The distillery" & Tsipouro


Hike Details

Hike: Kassandreia - Afytos
Distance: -
Hiking time: approx. 3 hours
Meeting point: plane tree at the old village square in Kassandria

Route description

The hike starts at the 900 year old plane tree at the old village square in Kassandria. In the village we discover small alleys and walk along old houses in traditional architecture. After a relaxing hike we reach a plateau nearby the village where we are rewarded with a fabulous panoramic view over the landscape including the western Gulf of Toroneo and east to the golf of Thermaikos.
Further on the hike we visit the chapel of Saint Rafael; Surrounded by sunflowers in early summer, the surroundings area is worth a visit in every season.
We continue with a leisurely walk along fields, woods and idyllic landscapes until we reach "Saint George", another late 19th century church.
Our hike takes us along country lanes to a small traditional distillery run by the Leonidas family/business, where we get an insight into the production of the traditional Greek "Tsipouro".
Based on your interests, this hiking route can be fantastically combined with an exploration tour through the historic village of Afytos.

Gastronomical Option:
After the walk we reward ourselves with a snack on the beach or on the cliff at Afytos




Theme Hike No. 2
Craftsmanship - Tradition & Sanctuary

Hike Description

Hike: Kalandra - Possidi
Distance -
Hiking time: approx. 4 hours
Meeting point: Central village square of Kalandra

Route description

This hike starts in the village center of Kalandra with a walk through the idyllic village, its appealing traditional architecture, the impressive church-square and magnificent floral arrangements surrounded by the panoramic backdrop of green mountain landscapes.
Depending on the season, this village offers us two great opportunities to get in touch with traditional Greek crafts:
In Kalandra we have the opportunity to visit the workshop of the famous sculptor Paraskevas.
The same village is also the hometown of a traditional beekeeper family, which gives us the option to visit the apiary.
From the highest point of the village we enjoy the wide view of the hinterland, before we continue our hike downhill towards the seaside settlement Posidi. This route takes us through fragrant pine forests with impressive views over the west coast to the white beaches of Posidis.
At the beach we have the opportunity of a well-deserved café break and a swim in the crystal-clear water.
After a leisurely beach hike to the Posidi Lighthouse and along the cape, we reach the finale of the walking excursion: the ruins of the historic Poseidon Temple, a monumental complex that can look back on over 1000 years of worship.

Gastronomical option:
The coast of Posidi is the location of a fish tavern known for its unmatched quality of local shellfish.





Theme Hike No. 3
Hospitality - Nature & well being


Hike Description

Hike: Kassandreia - Kriopigi
Distance: about 7 km
Hiking time: approx. 2 hours
Meeting point: Start of the pedestrian zone at the taxi stand

Route description

This itinerary starts with a village-tour in the centrally located Kassandreia with a village. During the walk we will see a UNESCO-listed church, classical stone houses and the old village square with its 900-year-old plane tree. After leaving the village behind, we hike along a paved road along wide fields, olive groves and pine forest, where we discover the small church of Saint Paraskevis.
Next stop is the amphitheatrically situated village Kriopigi. Where we learn the gloomy backgrounds of the village’s old name: "Pazaraki"
In Kriopigi we visit the small amphitheater and the spring, which gave the village its new name: Kriopigi, the cold spring.
Our trip ends in the idyllic village square

Gastronomical option:
Having a snack at a Greek tavern at Kriopigi’s village square





Theme Hike No. 4
Ancient meets Modern


Hike Description

Hike: Afytos -Nea Fokea
Distance: about 6 km
Walking time: approx. 2 hours
Meeting point: Central church-square in Afytos

Route description:

Our excursion begins with a short sightseeing tour of the village of Afytos, a place that is continuously inhabited for 3000 years and is well known for its traditional stone buildings. In the small folklore museum we get a quick insight into the history of the country and its people.
The hike takes us from Afytos over beautiful landscapes to the idyllic coastal village of Nea Fokea. First stop is the ancient cave-church of the Apostle Paul. According to tradition Apostle Paul took refuge and secretly practiced baptisms in this sanctuary. Our hike continues to the landmark of the village: the cliff-top tower of Nea Fokea. The exact date of its construction is not known, but it is much older from the built in the 14th century monastery whose ruins give a good idea of its former size. On the hill we enjoy a wonderful view of the picturesque harbor and learn the meaning and background of the title "Nea", which occurs in many of the regional place names.
Finally the walk leads us to the central square of the elevated part of the village.

Gastronomical option:
The group has the option to have snack and refreshments in a traditional Ouzerie at the village’s central square.






Theme Hike No. 5
Saints - Sailors & Pirates


Hike Description

Hike: Nea Skioni – Tsaprani
Distance: -
Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Starting point: Pilgrimage church Ag. Faneromeni at the main road near Nea Skioni

Route Descripition

We start our hiking-tour at a small pilgrimage church by the sea. There we have the opportunity to admire frescoes from the 17th century and inform us about the myth of the miraculous icon, which was washed up ashore and is worshiped in this church worshiped.
Nea Skioni is located near the ancient city of Skioni, founded by Protesilaos 500 BC. Skioni was a historically relevant seaport, already mentioned in the scripts of Homer. At a later time the area was frequently target of pirates and plunderers. These invasions forced the inhabitants to settle inland and let to the founding of the settlement Tsaprani. Over time some of the former pirates settled down to join the community. About 1930 the residents moved back to the coast to revive the fishing village of Nea Skioni.
On our hike uphill we walk through a beautiful landscpaes until we reach the area of the abandoned village Tsaprani where we have the opportunity to visit 3 remaining churches St. Athanasios, Hl Triada and St. Anastasia.
We continue downhill to Nea Skioni for a relaxing tour at the idyllic fishing village. Finally we stroll along the well-kept beach promenade to the port. After we arrived on the pier we admire the fishing boats and enjoy the picturesque panorama of the environment.

Gastronomical Option
Having a coffee or snack in one of the gastronomic facilities on the seafront







"Paths are made by walking"
Franz Kafka

"A walk in the nature walks a soul back home"
Mary Davis

"Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time"
Stephen Wright