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History & Archaeology

The area of Gerani is characterized by the ruins of the ancient colonial settlement of Eretria. The settlement was specialized on the production of sea salt. On the hills visitors can discover ruins of this settlement. Also three different types of very well preserved graves can be admired on and near the cliff.
A trip to Gerani combines the beauty of the seascape with archaeological discovery.

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Sani Tower
The Sani Tower (also called ‘St. George-Tower’ and ‘Stavronikata-Tower’) is the landmark of the Sani area. It was constructed 1543 in order to protect the Monastery of Stavronikata. Its current height of 8m but according to archaeologists it is assumed the tower’s original dimensions were far taller.

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Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus
The ruins of the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus can be admired at the beach of Kallithea. According to archaeologists the temple was constructed 400 BC.
The god ‘Ammon Zeus’ is a merging between the Egyptian God Ammon and the Greek Godfather Zeus. Ammon Zeus was frequently worshipped in the area of Sparta. This makes the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus to a unique attraction in this region.

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Kypsa Megali
In the area Kypsa Megali near Kassandria are the impressive ruins of an ancient roman estate.
On the discovery visitors can admire the relicts of the ancient estate including the ruins of the adjacent pottery workshops and remains of floor mosaics. Later in time an Early Christian church was constructed on this place.

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Poseidon Sanctuary
Near the cape of Posidi are the relicts of the ancient sanctuary of Poseidon. The temple was related to the important ancient polis of Mendi, one of the first and most wealthy cities built on the Kassandra peninsula. First mentions about this sanctuary are dated back to the 14th century BC.. This sanctuary was visited by the people as a sacred site for 1000 years. The oldest part of the temple is dated back to 11th century BC. Further buildings followed during the centuries. The floor was constructed of terracotta and the walls were made out of pebbles.
On a trip to the Poseidon-sanctuary visitors can experience the panorama of the Poseidon-related Sea and the energy of a sacred place which passed centuries of worshipping.

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Byzantine tower
Also known as the ‘St. Paul’s Tower’, this byzantine tower is the landmark of the idyllic village Nea Fokea. The exact date of its construction is unknown. Archaeologists assume the original purpose of the tower was to protect the sea-route between this area and Thessaloniki. The surrounding buildings of the monastery are dated on 1407. Subsequent the Saint Paul’s tower had his purpose in the protection of the monastery.

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Saint Paul’s church
Many legends are told about the church of Saint Paul’s
It’s told that the catacomb was used by Apostle Saint Paul as hiding place during his missionary journey. According to legends, Saint Paul also practiced baptisms in this cave.
The cave can be found in opposite site of the port of Nea Fokea. The cave-church is marked with an archway and the entry is next to an old olive tree. The first chamber is right behind the stone entry. The inner chamber can only be reached by crawling through a small natural passage.
A visit to the cave-church of Apostle Paul’s certainly is an experience a visitor should not miss on a trip to Nea Fokea

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Lighthouse of Posidi
Constructed in 1864 by a French company, the lighthouse of Posidi is also its Landmark. It has an altitude of 14,5 meters.

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Folk museum of Kassadreia
The folk museum of Kassandria contains an interesting collection of traditional costumes and an exhibition of historic objects and provides the visitor with a profound insight into the area’s history.

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Folk Museum of Polychrono
The folk museum is located in a recently renovated stone building behind the central church and provides the visitor with a good insight into the life and customs of the local history

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Folk Museum of Afytos
The folk museum of Afytos is diverted in two floors. On the ground-level a bibliotheca invites to browse in old and new books about the long history of village and area in nice ambiance. The upper level provides an interesting collection of historic tools and costumes.

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Kanistro – Agios Nikolaos
The way to the cape of the peninsula Kassandra is already worth a journey. The road to Kanistro is surrounded by untouched natural beauty. Finally the visitor reaches Kanistro and the little church ‘Agios Nikolaos’. The historic church is located between two picturesque bays on a small tongue of land. Fascinating detail of this church is its structure in the walls. The church of ‘Saint Nikolas’ was constructed out of the ruins of an ancient Apollo-Temple. The reliefs of the ancient sanctuary can still be identified in the walls.

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Wetland Sani – Nea Fokea
The wetland of Sani – Nea Fokea contain a huge territory of lakes, wetlands, swamps and green landscapes including the nature preserve area ‘Natura 2000’. 50 percent of all in Greece originated bird-species can be found in this area. One impressive landscape impression follows another. This makes it a paradise not only for bird-watchers.

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Mavrobara Turtle-lake
Near the village Polychrono is the location of the small lake Mavrobara and the home of its turtles. Due its ecological relevance the lake became a nature reserve area. Three different and rare types of turtles live in this biotope. Before the fire of 2006 the lake was surrounded by forest. The lake Mavrobara outlasted centuries and was mentioned in ancient scripts and occupied many researchers from all over the world.
Next to the lake also is a small natural source of fresh water.

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Port of Nea Skioni
The port of Nea Skioni is the biggest commercial fishing port on the peninsula of Kassandra. The mélange of the charm of a port, the promenade and the in contrast to the surrounding mountains behind the village makes a visit of the port to a picturesque experience. Visitors, interested in the daily dealing of the fishers, are advised to start their excursion very early.

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Port of Nea Fokea
Centrally located on the coast-side of Nea Fokea is an idyllic port with fishing boats. On the right side the port is flanked with the impressive byzantine tower.

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Porto Valitza
Porto Valitza is a picturesque area at the natural port in the Chrousso Bay. Also well-known due the nearby located Hotel ‘Porto Valitza’

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Lagoon & Port Glarokavos
The ‘Gulf of seagulls’ is a big lagoon on the east coast of Kassandra. Most impressive photo-location is the while sandy lagoon’s estuary. Glarokavos is also used as a small port. During summer some beach bars are operating on the beach of the lagoon. Unfortunately few areas of this wonderful place are bedraggled by reckless campers.

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Bay & Beach of Chrousso
Chrousso defines one of the most wonderful Bay and Beach areas on the Kassandra peninsula. Northwards the bay starts with the small natural port and Hotel-resort ‘Porto Valitza’ and leads south along a wide beach to the end of the bay to a small port.

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Traditional Villages

The village is on the same location since 3000 years. Traditional stone houses and a cliff-promenade make a trip to Afytos (also Athitos) to a must on every stay on the Kassandra peninsula.

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Kassandrino is a mountain village with plenty of old alleys and houses, surrounded by an impressive green environment of vast olive groves and endless fields.

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Agia Paraskevi
Agia Paraskevi is a traditional village in the south of Kassandria. The village contains a little square, a folk museum and lots of traditional architecture. A trip to Agia Paraskevi is recommended for visitors on the hunt of motifs of old houses.

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St. Georgios Beach
Near the SPA-Center of Loutra, few meters next to a plateau with a wooden pavilion, is the track down to the beautiful pebble beach ‘St Georgios’. A wonderful seascape flanked by high, rocky cliffs.

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Chelona Beach
A famous beach, nestled in the beautiful green environment of Kypsa

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Elani Beach
Elani beach is clean beach environment near the Elani Hotel resort

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Sani Beach
The Beach starts very well maintained at the Sani Hotel resort but the white sands of this beautiful beach reach far north until the beautiful wetlands.

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Paliouri - Ksyna Beach
Near the cape of Kassandra and surrounded picturesque natural environment. The beach starts south-east the village Paliouri with the Navagos Beach Bar and leads all way south to the Ksyna Settlement.

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SPA Center
The SPA-complex of Loutra is a modern building constructed 2000 and renovated 2016. The central pool is supplied by the sulfur waters of the volcanic spring with a constant temperature of 39 degrease. The building also provides saunas and whirlpools. Beside wellness and recovery the thermal water is also famous for his medical qualities.

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