Bigwake water-sports has its location at one of the most privigeged places in Chalkidiki near the two hotel complexes 'Athos Palace' and 'Pallini Beach'. The environment of clean sand and crystal-clear water provides the perfect backdrop for a water-sport-base. With a variety of equipment and a experienced team of instructors we will provide you with water-sport experiences you'll never forget. We coach you on Water-ski, Wakeboard, Kneeboard individually on all levels of experience. For all sea-lovers, water-sport fans and thrill seekers we have more fancy stuff in store. Our offers also cover inflatable mattresses, Jet-Ski and Paragliding.
However we also offer you the chance to enjoy the sun and the sea totally relaxed by discovering the azure-blue shore by one of our paddleboats or canoes.





One of the most spectacular experiences in water-sport is water-ski. This combination of speed and adrenalin is sure excitement. Our experienced instructors offer courses for beginners and professionals.



Since years the wakeboard became one of the most popular water-sports. A must for every lover of sea combined with action. With this board it’s just a question of time when you start performing stunning stunts like the ‘Almata-flip’. Discover with Bigwake the amazing world of the wakeboard


Might appear a bit scary but one thing is for sure: there next to no more impressive way to be guided to the turquoise panorama of the Mediterranean sea but by doing it on a paraglide on 80m altitude. This view is priceless.



Jet-Ski is the legendary classic in water-sports. The rapid mix of adrenalin and speed is the right choice for everyone, looking for a thrill packed water-sport experience.



These inflatable tubes are available in several models and variations. There are tubes for 1 – 6 persons and groups from 8 – 10 persons. It’s easy, fun and appropriate for kids, grown-up as well as for adults. Tubes are joy or everyone.





Wakeboard 15 min - 30 Euro    
Jet-Ski 10 min - 30 Euro 15 min - 40 Euro 20 min - 50 Euro
Pedalo 1 hour - 15 Euro    
SUP 1 hour - 15 Euro    
Aqua Rocket Person - 15 Euro    
Air Stream Person - 15 Euro    
Sonar Person - 15 Euro    
Tubes Person - 15 Euro    
Slider Person - 15 Euro    
Twister Person - 15 Euro    
Parachute Person - 70 Euro    
Water Ski 15 min - 30 Euro    
Ski Lesson 30 min - 55 Euro    
Boat for Rent 1 hour - 55 Euro 30PS  



Information & Location



Working hours: 8:30 AM until 8:00PM
Contact us at: +30 6946 657731

Bigwake Watersports is open from 1. May till 31. October