Say Yes - Wedding in Kassandra-Halkidiki


A marriage in Greece means unforgettable memories of one of life's most precious moments.

As unique as the relationship between two people, as personal their wedding is supposed to be arranged.
Due to our network in Kassandra-Halkidiki we have a wide range of possibilities.

We can organize a romantic ceremony in a picturesque village, at a historical place, in the beautiful countryside or at the beach, surrounded by sea.
For us, individual development has more importance than conventions.

No matter which idea you have to make your wedding as special as you are - do not hesitate to ask.
We have the network, the organizational know-how and the dedicated team to realize the idea of a wedding in Kassandra Halkidiki into an unforgettable moment.

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The Venue

Choosing the right location might be one of the most important decisions by planning the wedding ceremony. Halkidiki has many different venues to offer and we know our place. Send us your ideas and we send you information and photos about the best places to realize your wishes. Maybe Halkidiki has even more to offer than you expect.



We are in collaboration with governmental translators and the relevant governing facilities for the relevant paperwork. We also have our amazing passionate registrar which loves her work and supports the mission with her best efforts.


Ancient rituals

If desired, the ceremony may be enriched by ancient Hellenic marriage rituals. It worked out in the past, it works out nowadays.


Photography & Drones

We work with highly experienced photographers, feature high-end drone equipment and provide professional photo-video-editing.


The Celebration

The possibilities are unlimited. Just to name a few: we can arrange dinner and event in a traditional restaurant, create an ambience in nature or organize you a high-end event at a fancy location which easily can challenge Hollywood. We can illuminate the location in candlelight or light up the entire the sky with fireworks. For the celebration-part of the day, we can offer you traditional Greek music, but we also can make it Rock or organize you a psychedelic-visual Electro-Event.


The Accommodation

We also can offer you to find the perfect accommodations for your stay; whether you prefer a mall romantic guest house or the luxury of a villa by the sea.


Our Wedding Network

Event Locations
Drone Services
Sound-Light-installation Providers
Catering Services
Shuttle Services
Car Rentals
Yacht Rentals


The Proposal

You want to present the ring your boyfriend or girlfriend in an unforgettable way ? You want to ask for her/his hand in marriage on the top of a mountain, on a boat or in the sea during a dive. We may help to inspire you to choose between many amazing locations to ask the most romantic question


Some impressions of our recent wedding


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The Ceremony

The Photography


The Happyness



The Wedding Video




All you need to know about - The Civil Wedding

The first step is to contact the registrar's office at the corresponding Municipality for the application form. You might visit the office during the working hours or contact the registrar via Email.

Send the completed form for Marriage, accompanied by all relevant documents to the registrar’s office and apply for a specific date, you wish the marriage to be arranged. If any specific date is especially important for you, please apply on time to make sure the desired date is available.
Please mind the expiration dates of the validity of your documents and its translations. Please contact your local registrar’s office for further information regarding the validity of your documents. Calculate enough time for the handling of the Apostille and the translation
Wedding ceremonies which are conducted at the registry during office hours are free of charge.

Usually, the ceremony is taken place at the town hall. Due to new regulations of 2018, couples have the chance to get married at an outdoor ceremony. The decision about the margin of discretion regarding the desired outdoor wedding place lies at the person who’s performing the ceremony. Please contact your corresponding registrar to check the possibilities.


#1 Certificate of No Impediment
- The Apostille is obligatory.
- The translation must be in a governmental translation-office in Greece.
- In Greece man and a woman need to submit a separate certificate

#2 Birth Certificate
- The Apostille is obligatory.
- The translation must be in a governmental translation-office in Greece.
- Man and a woman require a separate certificate

#3 ID
- A Copy of the ID-Card or Passport


In the case of any previous change of name or surname (e.g. due to a previous marriage)

#4 Evidence of any change of name or surname
- The Apostille is obligatory.
- The translation must be in a governmental translation-office in Greece.


In some countries, mainly out of Europe, the paperwork might work differently
- Instead or additionally to the 'Certificate of No Impediment' or/also a

#5 Evidence of dissolution of previous marriages, (e.g. Decree Absolute Divorce Papers or Death Certificates).


Information Update - New Regulations - Simplification of international bureaucracy

From 2019, various European Countries offer Certifications of No Impediment for both partners on one single document. It is not longer required to submit the documents in separate versions

Based on a new European regulation from 19. February 2019, citizens of countries of the European Union no longer need to get their documents notarized with an Apostille, as long as issued in the new multilingual form. However, the documents still need to be transcripted by a governmental translator.


For further information, please contact your local registrar's office


Marriage witnesses
At the ceremony, two witnesses are required. Who’s having the honor to witness the ceremony is completely up to you. The witnesses only need the copy of their passports. In case you are getting married without company, you also may ask the registrar and someone else available to take the place of the witness


Additional Information
All documents emanating from foreign countries which are to be used in Greece must be officially legalized with the Hague Convention “Apostille” (except the ones from Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Holland, Turkey & Poland) and need to be officially translated by a Greek Consulate abroad or, if in Greece, by the Translations Bureau of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by Greek Lawyer (official Translator) officially legalized by Lawyer’s Association.


Legal validity of the marriage in Greece in your country
A civil or religious marriage in Greece is valid all over the world. The marriage certificate will be handed over right after the ceremony. In case you like to get your marriage certificate translated in your language, you need to visit the Decentralized Administration of Halkidiki in Polygyros, where you get an Apostille-stamp on your document immediately. Back home you can get the document officially translated.

Greeks from abroad
- People with the Greek citizenship but living abroad, need to contact their Greek municipality for the required documents
- Greeks with a foreign citizenship have to follow the procedures as mentioned above for Non-Greeks


Contact us for further questions or requests

For requests in English & German
Name: Lea Aimee von Freital
Mobile: +30 6971751380
Email-contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For requests in Greek
Name: Vangelis Katsarinis
Mobile: +30 6971783050
Email-contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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