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The Halkidiki Project provides teachers, instructors, associations and schools with a wealth of information & experience about the area Halkidiki. We also provide access to a holistic network to simplify the planning, organization and implementation of a study-trip to Greece.



We offer you the possibility to work out travel concepts with an appropriate thematic focus


Suggestions for groups, classes and associations, focused on history

An Itinerary focused on historic places, monuments and archaeological sites. This study trip can be oriented on specific epochs like ‘Ancient Greece’, ‘Byzantine Empire’, ‘Ottoman Empire’ and ‘Local Historic’ as well as ‘Interdisciplinary’. We would provide you a list with historic places in concern to your interests. We also can try to organize you a lecture, held by a representative specialist of the place. In the case of school-trips we would recommend combining this study-trip with various balancing leisure activities for the students.


Suggestions for groups, classes and associations focused on sports

An itinerary focuses on sporting events. We provide you a list of local hiking-trails / cycle paths and inform about sporting possibilities in the area. The Halkidiki-Project can organize trekking & climbing excursions in the mountain landscapes. We also coffer to contact local sport clubs to realize a match with your team.


Suggestions for groups, classes and associations with focus on art

This itinerary offers contact to local art associations and local artists. The study tour also may include ‘Byzantine Art’ as a thematic block or ‘Art of modernity’ in the nearby city of Thessaloniki. Various local artists offer workshops in their respective form of art.



For groups with people with disabilities we offer support by recommending transport-vehicles and accommodations that might meet the requirements. We also try to support with the organization of easy accessible leisure activities and workshops.




The Halkidiki-Project provides travel concepts with an appropriate thematic focus

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We offer free support concerning




Travel Planning & Routing


Leisure Activities

Access to our cultural network

Lectures held by relevant representatives

Educational Excursions

Regional Possibilities






Tailor Made Travel Planning For Individuals, Clubs, Companies and Associations


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Travel Planning - Private Tours

Discover Greece the individual way by tailor-made itineraries regarding your personal needs & preferences. Let local guides lead you through the environment and the possibilities of an area because – who knows their area better than them.

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Travel Planning for Clubs, Associations and Companies

The Halkidiki-Project offers tailor-made itineraries and a wide list of possibilities for your club, association or company, based on your preferences.
We help you with the organization and realization of your trip to Greece, provide you with useful information regarding your preferences during your stay and realize contact to local associations and organizations

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Cultural Exchange - Get in touch with local clubs & associations

If your club is interested in a group travel to Greece we offer the elaboration of travel concepts with an appropriate thematic focus and help you to get connected to associations in the area Halkidiki and environment







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