Sani is in about 45 km distance to Thessaloniki next to Nea Fokea situated on a impressive location on the area of a former colonial settlement of Eretria.

However, Sani with its wide multi-faced landscapes has much more to offer than fancy hotel-resorts.
Located close to the beach of Gerani are the impressive ruins and grave-sites of an ancient settlement specialized in the production of sea salt. A trip to this coastal area means an impressive beach-cliff-panorama spiced with experienced archeology.
Not far from these attractions are extensive wetlands, swamps, lakes and forested landscapes in which more than 50 percent of all native bird species in Greece are indigenous.
Large parts of this natural paradise are protected in their preservation by the organization 'Natura 2000'.
A detailed description of all interesting places of this diverse environment is beyond the scope as one fascinating landscape-impression follows another.
Even the routes to the nature reserves are paved with hidden biotopes, vineyards, old churches in places of former, historic villages, an abandoned prison, lush forests, green hills and wide coastlines.
Today Sani is famous for being an exclusive holiday destination.
Due to its favorable location this stunning natural resort attracts thousands of national- and international visitors every year.
Sani-Resort is divided into several areas with a large Hotel complex in center.
Just as impressive is the Simantro hotel. Its architecture refers in design of a monastery on Mount Athos. The byzantine appearance of this composition of stone and wood as primary materials gives this hotel its interesting flair.
sani-ampelia-vineyardIts costal outlaying location surrounded by pine woods makes it an ideal holiday resort for nature lovers.
Also in Sani area is the modern and well organized campsite of 'Blue Dream'.
The annual Sani Festival is organized between July – August and is one of the top events in Greece where national and international artists are represented. In addition to the major events, frequently also many spontaneous performances are taking place in taverns and can challenge the big events in entertainment value and quality. Carpe Diem.
Each year in May the Sani-Resort is hosting the Sani-Gourmet-Festival – the most important gastronomic event in Greece.
Sani is 45 nautical miles from Thessaloniki and owns with its location the shortest access to the Aegean sea in southern Europe.
Searching for a destination with secure anchorage Sani also can offer a large marina open all around the year.
On this luxurious private harbor you can find small vessels next to magnificent yachts in front of an impressive promenade with an attractive architecture.
The arcaded, imposing Piazza of the marina easily can compare on high international standards. Despite its elegance the flair of this place wins over with a calm, uncomplicated harmony.
High quality restaurants offer Mediterranean and international cuisine. Greek tavern, Ouzeries, cafes, shops, bookstores, art-galleries and an open-air-cinema are present without dominating the place and can satisfy all expectations of more ambitious visitors.
The historical attraction is the impressive Sani-Tower ('St. Georg-Tower' or 'Σταυρονικήτα' – 'Stavronikita-tower,). Constructed in 1543 it's the landmark of this region.
Until the 14th century, Sani was still in ecclesiastical function of Athos. There are plenty of old churches built in this period and still can be admired local.




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