Cultural Association of Polychrono

The Cultural Association exists since 1980 and the name changed over time. Originally the association was known under the name 'Neapolis', was renamed in the meantime into 'Ferekratis' and took its present name 'Cultural Association Polychrono' in 2002.
The Association deals with cultural and social aspects of its hometown Polychrono as it is involved also in cultural matter all over Kassandra. The Cultural Association of Polychrono is participating in various projects and activities with the intention to preserve the heritage of culture and contemporary entertainment.

Some of these projects are

- Organization of the cultural event 'Polychrono'
- Being in charge of the clubs of traditional dances (children, adolescents, adults)
- Organization of the Christmas event 'festival of wishes'
- Implementation of the 'day of voluntary blood donation'. This frequent campaign is realized in collaboration with the General Hospital of Chalkidiki.
- Since 1980, the Cultural Association of Polychrono organized annually the seven day lasting cultural festival 'Carnival of Polychrono' which now has become a regional approved institution.
- Organization of frequently occurring lectures pertained to cultural and civilizing topics.
- Organization and implementation of various recreational activities such as collective excursions, public screenings, forestation and the release of publications concerning local culture and tourism.
- Opening of the new museum of Folk Culture in August 2014 and its maintaining and management ever since. The museum is located in a stone-building behind the church of St. Athanasius, sheltering the history of our city and our ancestors.

Opening times:
During summer month from 19:00 until 22:00
During winter every Thursday from 18:30 until 20:00 & by appointment
School visits are available on request
Phone: +30 6977232168
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entrance: 2 Euro per person, 1 Euro per person for groups
Unemployed, Children and adolescents free entrance

Archaeological projects

During an excavation in Polychrono, a sundial of very rare condition was unearthed. Unlike ordinary sundials which ancient-sundial-polychronousually are operating only in the place they were installed, this rare find shows the correct time and date not only for Chalkidiki but also for Rome, France and China.
This sundial was recovered from the ruins of a house of the late antiquity by a team of archaeologists led by Bettina Tsigarida, an expert in this specialist area with longtime experience in the area Chalkidiki and Kassandra in particular.
Due to her work a lot of unique finds were discovered as well as extensive historical knowledge regarding winegrowing, beekeeping in the historic area of Chalkidiki.

Events and campaings

Carnival 7 day cultural event
Thursday 'Tsiknopemti'('The Thursday of the smoke of grilled meat'. In other cultures known as 'Fat Thursday')
16:00 o'clock the carnival groups arrive on the square to celebrate a free carnival where also Tsiknisma-skewers and wine are offered. Music is plaid by local bands and dance performances are presented by groups of our association.
Saturday: Carnival dances
Sunday: Folklore Concert
Friday: Carnival celebration for kids with clowns and surprises
Saturday: 17:00h o'clock on the village square a carnivalistic wedding with spectacle, plenty of wine, souvlaki, music and a party of masks.
Sunday: 17:00 o'clock carnival procession in central Polychrono with decorated carriages and groups of our- and other cultural association. At 20:00 o'clock: 'burning of the Carnival' at the beach and the official end of Carnival.
Monday: Kathara Devtera (clean Monday) Beginning of the Lent

During the carnival season the museum is open every day

vening church service
Compilation and promotion of local products made in Polychrono. Exhibition of paintings, icons and visual arts in the Center for creative activities in Polychrono.
Church-service. At night the event moves to the beach-area where a concert and dances performed by members of the dance-club are talking place.

The Cultural Association of Polychrono invites annually before Christmas to our Christmassy event 'Festival of Wishes' on our festively decorated and illuminated square. On this atmospheric cozy event it is all about music, goodies and joy. Our association organizes a 'Bazaar of Love' for this event and Christmas dances are talking place on evening.

Campaign 'cleaning of the environment'
Environmental protection concerns every one of us. That is why we support initiatives and people who support us to protect the environment and therefore to improve the quality of life. Frequently we appeal to our members and friends of this association to join us on our project in favor of the municipality.

Blood donation
Organization of a voluntarily blood donation day to support our blood banks. In our opinion blood donation as volunteer work can't be seen only as an act of solidarity but also as a part of the values of our culture.

The Cultural Association of Polychrono organizes frequently cultural excursions to various locations

Brochure about the turtlelake 'Mavrobara'


Phone: +30 6977232168
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.