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The beautiful seaside village Nea Fokea is located on the east-coast of the Kassandra-peninsula in 78km distance to Thessaloniki. About 1500 residents live permanently in this village. During summer the population raises to more than 10 000 people, mainly by seasonal workers.
The landmark of this place is the impressive byzantine tower of 'St Paul', located on elevated position near the picturesque port.
During summer various interesting events are integrated into the Kassandra-festivals which are taking place in the seaside area of Nea Fokea.
On the attractive seafront promenade with a fantastic view over the port and the tower, many nice arranged cafes, restaurants and bars are welcoming customers in a prime location.
Thus Nea Fokea has a advantaged combination between an idyllic fishing village with a monumental history, traditional events and an exciting nightlife with life-music and DJ-events.
The old town of the village Nea Fokea is located in elevated position slightly away from the coastal area. Its center is characterized by a beautiful square surrounded with small taverns and cafes.

Nea Fokea is a comparatively 'new' village placed in an area with a very long history. The first houses were built 1924 by refugees of Minor-Asia. At this time the area was still managed by monasteries from Athos before the official separation in the year 1932.

The landmark of Nea Fokea is the byzantine tower of 'St Paul' located on a hill beside of the port.
The date of the construction of the tower is unknown. The surrounding ruins on the monastery are dated on 1407 but it is assumed the tower was constructed far earlier in order to protect the ships of marine trading-route between this area and Thessaloniki. Later in history it was used to protect the monastery.
The area including the hill on which the byzantine tower now overlooks the area was already in ancient times a benefited location. Evidences prove the existence of a settlement 5000 years ago. The first colonies seem to be founded in the Neolithic and into the Bronze Age. When the area finally was left again remains unknown. There is no more indication available for an existence of inhabitation in this area after 1000 BC.

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