Kriopigi (Κρυοπηγή', Greek: cold source) is a village in the east coast of Kassandra 90 km far from Thessaloniki. Located along the green hills with beautiful view over the bay the appearance reminds of a huge amphitheater.

The older part of Kriopigi including the square sits on elevated location hillside the village. Hotels and many of the over 300 Apartments are predominantly located near the main-road or in lower areas near the beach.
Most Restaurants, Bars, Café's and Supermarkets are central also.
The organized camping EOT (EOT – Ministry of Tourism) is in close distance to the beach.
One of many advantages which make Kriopigi as a winning destination for spending vacations is a good climate surrounded by an environment of green mountains and blue flag awarded beach-areas with promising very clear water.
The village sustains an educational research and skill enhancement-center. This institution is a meeting point of pedagogues from around the world and organizational center of many seminars and conferences.
The paths to the beach as well as the entire environment are surrounded by pine forests and invites to an exploration trip.
Visitors in Kriopigi have the opportunity to acquire a large variety of natural products, manufactured and available in the area.
It is hardly recommended to visit the idyllic village-square as well as to make a walk to the natural-source, which gave the name of this village.


The area has been inhabited since ancient times and is situated between the historic cities of Neapolis and Flegra.
Until the mid-20th century the settlement was called Pasarakia (, Παζαράκια', Greek: 'small bazaar') and consisted a localization of 10 – 15 houses. According to stories, this place took his former name by the fact that captured woman and children were sold during the Ottoman rule. In 1953 the Ministry of the Interior requested the municipalities by a circular to rename villages with Greek names which were formerly designated by foreign influence.
The former council deliberated on various suggestions of possible names. Among these suggestions: Chrisopigi (, Χρυσοπηγή' Greek: ,gold source'), Krioneri' (,Κρυονέρι - Cold water') and, Pefkohori '(,Πευκοχώρι' - pine village'). Shortly before the decision was done also Kriopigi '(cold source') was announced by the Executive board of the community and approved by the Ministry. Ever since (20/09/1955) this place has its new name that is actually based on a natural source of actual cold water, which was supported in 1937.




Kripiopigi on map