(ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΕΙΑ (ΒΑΛΤΑ) & ΣΙΒΗΡΗ ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΙΚΗ)kassandria-halkidiki-agios-athanasios

The name refers to the homonymous town Kassandria, which was founded first time by the Diadochi king Cassander in thearea near Potidea 316 BC. It was mainly populated by the residents of the nearby city of former Olynthos, which has been conquered and destroyed by Philip II in the year 348 BC. Centuries later 539-40 AD Kassandria, at that time part of the eastern-roman empire, was destroyed by Huns and Slavs.
So far, the ruins of the ancient polis Kassandrias near the town Nea Potidea have not been excavated.
Since founding of the town in the 16th century and after its interim destruction by the Ottoman Empire after the revolution 1821, until 1954 the official name of the town was 'Valta' (translated 'swamps' or 'city in the swamps'). Many residents still call it this way.
After 1954 the town was first renamed in Kassandra, and finally 1964 changed into the original name of the ancient city 'Kassandria'.
Kassandria was an autonomous municipality until it was 1997 connected by the municipal administration, together with other, formerly independent municipalities, into a new communal district.
Kassandria, centrally located on Kassandra-peninsula was built on hills and valleys. In this town live continuous about 3500 residents. Regardless of its cultural events, Kassandria is not structured as a touristic area so the population figure stays un-affected by the season.
kassandria-halkidiki-red-church-kwnstantinou-elenhsFor visitors relevant are mainly the neighboring, to Kassandria associated on the seaside placed settlements. The boundaries of this municipality reach until Fourka and Sani. Including many Greek people, which only frequent Kassandra in the season, the population raises up to 25,000 during the summer-month. Siviri, Sani & Elani are places specialized in tourism. Relatively few years ago Siviri consisted almost entirely of a few houses near the beach, knows mainly by the locals, visited for having a day on the beach. In the meanwhile Siviri and other Kassandria-related villages in coastal areas have undergone an impressive development in recent years and adopted the modern tourism without betraying their own principles.
Beside harmoniously inserted new buildings, there are the very old houses that dominate the impression of the village's scenery, giving a hint of the classic characteristics of the region.
Nice apartments, small hotels, a very attractive beach promenade with café's & restaurants appear honestly welcoming and offer an authentic insight into the life and food culture. Despite the many visitors the locals attach great importance on ingenuous hospitality.
Outside the villages the area around Kassandria wins by natural landscapes, forests and beautiful beaches siviri-village-sea-lake-bridge-panorama-wide-psthat invite the visitor to auspicious excursions and hikes. Highly fascinating places of interest are the impressive ruins of an ancient roman estate at Krypsa not far from the nature-paradise wetlands and the impressive natural observation platform such as 'Stephani' as well as the beach of 'St Nikolaos'.
Kassandria is not only the capital of the municipality of Kassandra, but also the commercial-, administrative-center and origin of many cultural activities around the district. It's the domicile of the Municipality, the Conservatory, local Philharmonic and the culture management 'KASSANDRA' with its folk music- and dance groups.
Most important period and place for cultural happenings is the annual festival in Siviri. An inspiring culture event which is taking place in the open air theatre, inspired on historic models in conjunction with a modern concept, to invite the visitor to a eclectic perspective to the classical and modern art of theater & music.
Every Tuesday there is a farmer's market in Kassandria. For locals it is the basis for the weekly shopping of food and a social meeting place. For the visitor it is an opportunity for having an authentic insight to the broad range of regional products also to smell and to taste them surrounded by lots of traditional lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of the salesman- and women. Beside to the seasonal fruits, vegetables, classic pastries and siviri-kassandra-halkidiki-greece-amphitheaterfresh fish the sellers offer in their stalls also clothes, crafts, religious items and objects of everyday-use for sale. After the done shopping, people like to meet in the café's in the cobbled pedestrian zone of the attractive city center with many small shops and old houses or on the old square under the 700 year old plane tree.
Few places provide as much information about customs and traditions of a region as a visit to a local market.
Kassandria is also the location for many important agencies in the region, domicile of the local health center (first aid hospital and emergency ward), police headquarter, post office, banks, OTE (gr. Telco), as well as many other public and private service providers.
City and environment are an essential part of the spiritual identity of the region and invite the visitor to an exhilarating walk through narrow streets, takes past old building, aesthetic squares, small gardens, original lifestyle and lots of history.











galanis apartments building siviri 300x200

Galanis Apartments

Location: Centrally in Siviri
Benefit: Central and quite location with garden





giagiaka cafe bar siviri 300x200

Giagiaka Cafe Diner

Location: Siviri Beach Promenade
Benefit: Local and organic products

diamantis1 terrace siviri 300x200

Diamantis Fish Restaurant

Location: Siviri Beach Promenade
Benefit: Fresh and very high quaity seafood