(ΧΑΝΙΩΤΗΣ (ΧΑΝΙΩΤΗ) ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΙΚΗ)hanioti-park-dolphin-square

Haniotis (or Hanioti) is a fairly new town in the east of the Kassandra peninsula.
During summer the events are mainly centered on the promenade or in many of the cafes, bars and restaurants around the square. Many nice-structured little squares and large, old trees complete the picture. Hanioti offers visitors various possibilities for recreational holiday activities on day as well as a exciting nightlife and attracts every year thousands of tourists.
Surrounded by mountains the back-country of Hanioti is rich on sources and vegetation.
The first coastal settlement started in 1936 and consisted only a few houses.
With the expansion of the main-road in the early seventies came the tourists followed by a massive settlement of new houses, hotels, apartments and gastronomy.
The 'old' village was built on a protected location a few kilometers upcountry in the mountains.
According to legend the first building was an inn owned by a Cretan Chania (Greek Χανιά) in which the nearby working people used to stop by to retire.
Houses followed the inn and a small village arose. Founded by the man from Chania the villages name Chanioti was born.
After a heavy earthquake in 1930 the village was rebuilt at its current location. Only the small church St. George (where St. Georgiou is annually celebrated) reminds on the former village in the mountains.














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