The cultural association of Hanioti was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1980.
The associations headquarter is located in the village's parish hall.

The purpose of this organization is to preserve the local tradition of the area including developing cultural activities.
The cultural association of Hanioti is dealing with regional topics as well as being focused on keeping alive the voluntary spirit, which is firmly rooted in the mentality of Hanioti's inhabitants.

 Primary area of activities:

  • Feast of St. George: revived celebration of the feast in the chapel of St. George annually on 23th April. The old chapel is located mountainside on the former area of the village Hanioti. The Divine Liturgy the event is followed by traditional dances organized by local dance-clubs. The celebration continues with life music. Local woman offer handmade delicates and members of our association serve grilled meat.

  • Feast of St. John Chrysostom: the event of the saint is talking place on eve or the day of 13th November after the church service. The celebration includes music and dances from participating, regional clubs. The local women as well as members of our cultural association are offering snacks, food and drinks.

  • Celebration of Angels: The event happens on Christmas Eve on the embellished on the central square of Hanioti. The place is Christmassy decorated with an illuminated Christmas-tree includes a cozy Christmas market. The event starts with Christmas songs, sung by the children of the primary school and continues with animated dances. Finally the kids have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. Adults enjoy this Christmas-celebration by ambling around the lovely styled Christmas market where local delicacies and hot wine punch are offered.

Complementary activities

The cultural association of Hanioti participates in various local events such as the 'Carnival in Polychrono', the Easter custom of 'Burning Judas' in Hanioti after the Resurrection, the 'Balkan children's folk dance' and many more.

Annually the cultural association of Hanioti organizes a charity bazaar with handmade craftwork and facilitate courses such as for learning of foreign languages, dewing, knitting, traditional dances, fitness, first aid and more.

Volunteering plays a primary role in our association. Every year in cooperation with municipality and other local associations we're organizing voluntary projects to clean the environment in order to preserve the picturesque beauty of our country. We also practice active animal protection which includes medic treatments and sterilization of local stray animals.