Cultural Association of Fourka

Association for Education and Culture in Fourka

The club does exist since 2005. Headquarter of this association is a new stone-building in consideration of traditional architecture. Beside providing us a staging post for our organization and realization of cultural projects this building also serves as meeting point for children and adolescent where they can play in community the location is as well as a rehearsal room for music and dance groups.
It it the intention of the Cultural Association of Fourka to preserve local traditions, encourage the improvement of culture, vitality and strengthen sense of community.

Announcing of activities

Christmas: Christmas-party between 20 and 24 December at the church-square of 'the three Hierarchs'. On the illuminated place stands a decorated tree, Christmas carols will be sung and finally Santa Claus will disappear distributing gifts to the children. The gifts are homemade Christmas cookies and sweets, manufactured by the women of the village.

Carnival: 'foolish Fourka' is happing on the afternoon of Carnivals Sunday in the center of the village. Young and old gather in front of the cultural Association's building and parading singing and dancing together towards the village center where they find grilled delicacies, plenty of wine, live music and a boisterous celebration till the wee hours of the morning.


Easter: On Good Friday the choir of the Cultural Association of Fourka sings hymns in the central church of the 'Three Hierarchs'.

Serenade of Dance: is celebrated simultaneously with the 'Feast of the live giving source' on 17th April at the church of the old-villages former location. The dancers are gathering at the club house to repair towards villages square. With Serenade and surrounded by the sounds of a traditional orchestra, individually styled dance programs we celebrate this event including grilled food and plenty of wine.

Cleaning the beach and the environment: is a project, happening annually before summer. Volunteers and members of the 'Diving Club of Thessaloniki' are cleaning the beach including the seabed of Fourka's coast.

Feast of Saint Marina: is celebrated annually on the eve of the Holy Feast of Saint Marina on 16th July in Fourka. According to the elders of the villages it is the oldest celebrated festival on Kassandra. In former times the people used to pilgrimage with their animals from all over the peninsula to spent a week in Fourka for this celebration. So always a lot of people came together to worship Saint Marina in her dedicated painted church on the feast's eve. The church of Saint Marina is located in the forest between Fourka and Kassandria. After service, the people are gathering on the yard of the primary school of Fourka where the event typically is celebrated with delicious grilled food, plenty of wine and life-music.

Various Summer Events: starting from 29th/30th July and talking place until 16th/17th August. A variety of small and big happenings, including classical music events, various traditional dance performances, theater plays for kids and lots more. All events are talking place on the beach-area of Fourka, supported by professionals from the related fields of activity and the municipality of Kassandra.

Blood donation: twice a year we're appealing for voluntary blood donation. Meeting point is the club house of the Cultural Association of Fourka. The blood reserves are kept at the blood bank of the club and ensure the supply of the local population in case of need.

Various Activities: includes organization and realization of first-aid seminars, fitness events, chorus, painting - and handicraft workshops for children, and bazaars for good purpose and lots more.