Location: Loutra, Agia Paraskevi, Kassandra, Chalkidiki
Owner: Ulrike Pöschel & Niko Ragos
Phone (Landline & Mobil): +302374071935 & +306979225393
Cuisine: Greek seafood
Specialty: Homemade appetizers
Seats: 150 Seats + 40 sunbeds
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The beach-pomenade near the SPA-area of Loutra is the location of this extraordinary idyllic restaurant in tratitional architecure. the restaurant is made up of an picturesque stone-house and various adjacent, flower covered plateaus and surrounded by a stunning coast-environment make this place a synthesis of arts. The family business emphasize high quality standards when choosing local fished and seafood offered in the restaurant's menu. Tarsanas also benefits of the western location by providing a visit on evening with an impressive sunset coast-panorama. The overall experience is completed by moderat melodic background-music.  High quality food, the harmonic atmosphere of the building and the fantastic panorama of the coastal environment make a dinner at Tarsanas to a sensual journey.
















Location of the Restaurant