(ΑΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ & ΛΟΥΤΡΑ ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΙΚΗ)loutra-meltemi-villas-little-church-sea-view-panorama

The Village of Agia Paraskevi is in the back-country of Kassandra and surrounded by pine-forests. It took the name from the local church located in the outskirt-area of this village. 'Agia' ('Saint' as it is called by the locals) has a remarkable historical tradition and was three times destroyed before and during the revolution of 1821.
Agia Paraskevi is assumed to be a very old village although in lack of historic scriptures a detailed documentation about its history is not available.

Nowadays Agia Paraskevi is a picturesque little village which gives the visitor the opportunity to walk through little alleys or discover the natural beauty by a hike through the environment.
The locals are very hospitable and glad to share their secrets about beekeeping, the cultivation of olive-trees and the production of olive-oil which are the essential parts of this area's culture. In Agia Paraskevi you can find plenty of small taverns where you can get traditional dishes and regional popular 'Meze', preferably served with the self-distilled 'Tsipouro'.
Five km south of Agia Paraskevi, situated on the seaside is the nearby Loutra-('Loutra' – 'SPA'). In addition to a large SPA-center this place mainly consist vacation-homes, apartments and hotels.
The permanent resident locals of Loutra
are mainly dealing with fishing, beekeeping, olive-culture and tourism.
agia-paraskevi-village-hill-view-panoramaThis village was named by the healing hot springs which is famous for its therapeutic qualities.
The source was discovered by a vintner who was in search for sulfur to sprinkle his vines with. Shortly after World War II the thermal source of volcanic origin was exposed with dynamite. Since then this place is provided with moderately sulfurous, constantly 39 C tempered water.
The spring's original name was 'St. Nikolaos' but has been changed into 'Agia Paraskevi' later on. Until 2000 a modern building was constructed, only a small shack with 2 rooms stood on this place.
Thus gradually a small but beautiful health resort arose. The modern SPA-wellness center is famous for its precious medical qualities and contains beside a huge pool, referring its water from the spring, also areas for saunas & whirlpools. It appeals to people of all age seeking for healing and recovery. It offers relaxation in beautiful environment.

The thermal water is said to possess an alleviating effect on diverse medical ailments in affected parts like, among others, bones, joints, muscles and skin.
The Agia Paraskevi/Loutra-area is the perfect choice for visitors which focus on their vacation on beautiful, natural finished landscapes, tranquility, harmony, revival and the chance to enjoy real good food while watching a sensationally sunset on a fantastic beach.











tarsanas apartments agia paraskevi 300x200

Tarsanas Apartments

Location: Direcly on the beach of Loutra
Benefit: High quality apartment next to the beach

aris pension agia paraskevi 300x200

Pension Aris

Location: Near the Spa of Loutra
Benefit: Quietly situated with panoramic View




tarsanas terrace loutra 300x200

Tarsanas Restaurant

Location: Direcly on the beach of Loutra
Benefit: High quality food & great location

kapetanios tavern terrace loutra kassandra 300x200

Kapetanios Restaurant

Location: On the central road in Loutra
Benefit: Wine Grower & Wine Connoisseur