Fish- Meze- Seafood- Restaurant
Location: Afytos (Athitos), Kassandra, Chalkidiki
Owner: Petros Lymparis
Phone (landline): +30 2374091374
Phone (mobile): +30 6982206886
Cuisine: Greek Seafood
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Seats: 200 at the open-air areas & 60 roofed plateau
Specialty: Fresh fishes & high-quality seafood
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The Rementzo Restaurant is located in a panoramic position on the beach of Liosi. By cordial hospitality the family welcomes a guest like it is a family friend. Every dish that leaves the kitchen is made out of best ingredients, prepared carefully and lovingly decorated. Due the preferred location of the Rementzo, you find yourself surrounded by the idyllic environment of the Aegean Sea and natural landscapes. The main area of the fish-restaurant is open-air, kept in white, elegant furniture and smooth light installations, providing a relaxing resort feeling. The adjoining plateau is arranged between an atmospheric pool, pines and flower arrangements. A third area is a wide roofed plateau along the beach and perfectly made for events and weddings. A vast selection of high value Greek music completes the atmosphere. A visit at the restaurant Rementzo is a chance of an unforgettable sensual journey.




Our principles of quality

Our bread is prepared & baked fresh in our restaurant
All offered grilled food is prepared on charcoal barbecue
All of our Salads & Spreads are homemade
In our restaurant we only serve local fishes & Seafood








The Menu

Dining Greek is a lifestyle and a way of dining.
It is a culinary journey.
‘Meze’ or ‘Mezedes’ are plain served small dishes and the essential part of Greek gastronomy.
Create your dinner by choosing your favorites of our homemade mezedes.
Mezedes are usually accompanied by Ouzo or the locally distilled Tsipouro.
In Greece Ouzo isn’t a digestive; It is a part of the dinner




Rementzo salad
Horiatiki - Greek farmer’s salad
Tomato-Cucumber salad
Lettuce-Rocket salad
Tuna salad
Kritama - Samphire-salad
Horta - various seasonal wild grasses
Politiki - Cabbage-salad
Pantzaria - Beet
Grilled red ‘Florini’-Peppers

Bread spreads

Eggplant salad
White Taramas

Warm Appetizers


Homemade “Dolmadakia”
Grilled eggplant with tomato & feta on top
Grilled Mushrooms
Homemade French-Fries
Zucchini balls
Fried Zucchini
Fried eggplant
Fried eggplant with homemade tomato sauce
Fried peppers
Fried peppers with homemade tomato sauce
Various fried vegetables
Grilled hot pepper
Salty & Savory


Smoked mackerel
Salt-cured Anchovies
Marinated anchovies
Selection of pickled fishes



Bougiourdi - served in earthenware dish
4-cheese-mix - served in earthenware dish
Feta cheese
Grilled feta - with hot pepper, tomato & olive oil
Feta cheese wrapped in a crust leaf with honey and sesame seeds
Cheese croquettes
Saganaki Batzo - fried semi-hard cheese
Saganaki kefalotyri - fried hard cheese

Seafood Saganaki


Fresh mussels with shell 500gr
Mussels saganaki
Anchovy Saganaki
Scorpion fish-Saganaki - only on advance order
Shrimps-Saganaki 250gr



Grilled octopus
Octopus-meze with Samphire
Fried squid
Grilled squid
Fried cuttlefish
Grilled sardines
Fried anchovies
Fried Blue Mussels
Fried shrimps 300gr
Grilled shrimps 300gr
Fish-Soup ‚Kakavia‘

Plate of mixed fried seafood for 2
Plate of mixed grilled seafood for 2



Pasta prepared with sauce and shrimps
Pasta prepared with sauce and lobster - only on advance order
Pasta prepared with sauce and mussels
Pasta prepared with sauce and mixed seafood

Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and yellow cheese
Spaghetti Carbonara



Rice prepared with sauce and mixed seafood



Ice-cream Cream & Chocolate
Revani with ice cream
Chocolate-Soufflé with ice cream
Fruit-salad of the season


Weddings & Events


The restaurant Remenzto in Afytos is the perfect choice for celebrations, weddings and events. We have a unique location, offer flexibility due various areas, decorate according to your wishes, offer additional services such as live music and, of course, provide an exceptional catering through our exquisite product range. Do not hesitate to ask.



Where To Find Us









Fortuna Bar

All day classical bar - cocktail bar - music bar
Location: Afytos (Athitos)
Manager: Christodoulos Revenikiotis
Phone (landline): +3023740 91158
Seats: 150 (inside & outside including veranda)
Benefit: Impressive view
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Opening period: April until October every day - during winter the bar is open on weekend

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Nestled in the elevated end of the cliff promenade of Afytos, overlooking the Gulf of Kassandra, the Fortuna Bar is a venue and cult establisement since 1990. A diverse selection of coffees, the magnificent panoramic views and an eclectic music selection send the visitor on a sensual journey. Evenings in Fortuna Bar satisfy by candlelight ambiance and finest DJ music. The Fortuna Bar provides besides a extensive varity of cocktails also a large selection of cigars. Each week the bartenders are presenting a new cocktail !