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Anna Botou is born in Sykia Chalkidiki.
She graduated in the subjects Organization and EAP Business Administration (H.O.U) at the Nursing School in Thessaloniki.
She lives in Polygyros, works in the private sector and runs her own business.

Anna Botou attended courses for freehand sketches and sculpture at the Georgiadis School and the Faculty Line in Thessaloniki.

Later on she took lessons in hagiography at the Monastery of the Annunciation at Ormylia Halkidiki. For six years she focused exclusively on iconography. Her paintings are exhibited in churches and in private collections in Greece and abroad.

In 2015 she won the 3rd prize in painting and in 2016 the 1stprize in sculpturing at the national contest of SKETBE
Anna Botou participated at numerous group exhibitions,
Her hagiographic works represented the prefecture Halkidiki in tourism fairs abroad.

Anna Botou also is occupied by artistic-photography.

She is a member and president of the Art-Association of Halkidiki and member of SKETBE



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