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Athanasios Kypriassis was born and raised in Pieria Katerini. Professional obligations brought him to the town Polygyros in Chalkidiki, where he staid and lived ever since.

The inner need to express ideas and emotions of the hidden child inside of him brought him on the paths of painting. Athanassios expressed his hidden passions of the recent years through his paintings. After various experiments he specialized on oil painting, created without rules but mixed techniques.

The first color mixing and painting courses Athanassios Kypriassis attended at the painting workshop, supervised by the teacher Kate Zgempa in Polygyros. In recent years he followed painting courses in Galatista Halkidiki, guided by the Professor Zeki and the painter Nicholas.

Assanassios participated in all the exhibitions of the Association of Visual Artists in Polygyros, in where he is member of the management, holding the office as the Vice President.
His works is exhibited in many private collections.



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Athanasios Kypriassis
63100 Polygyros, Halkidiki
Tel: +30 6945 590 031
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