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Athanasios Bitsos was born 1979 in Polygyros where he still lives and works.

He studied nursing before specialized in preventive intervention rehabilitation and sports medicine by earning the Masters degree at the ‘Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science in Komotini.

His Passion for painting already initialized in his childhood. The mix of colors and the observation of the design of the posture of the surrounding people are the essential impulses of his creativity.

Athanasios Bitsos presented his first solo exhibition 2010 and so far participated in 21 collective exhibitions. He also represented his art in individual initiatives. He is member of the Association of Arts in Polygyros, officiating General Secretary.

His work is used frequently used in the poster advertizing for various events of the ‘Day Center East’ in Polygyros and the center for prevention of addiction & psychosocial health-care in Karpenisi.

In addition to other assignments, he is honorary organizer and coordinator of a painting group for people with psychological disorders in the ‘Day Center East’.

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