Painter Sculpture Artist & Photographer Anna Botou



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Anna Botou is born in Sykia Chalkidiki.
She graduated in the subjects Organization and EAP Business Administration (H.O.U) at the Nursing School in Thessaloniki.
She lives in Polygyros, works in the private sector and runs her own business.

Anna Botou attended courses for freehand sketches and sculpture at the Georgiadis School and the Faculty Line in Thessaloniki.

Later on she took lessons in hagiography at the Monastery of the Annunciation at Ormylia Halkidiki. For six years she focused exclusively on iconography. Her paintings are exhibited in churches and in private collections in Greece and abroad.

In 2015 she won the 3rd prize in painting and in 2016 the 1stprize in sculpturing at the national contest of SKETBE
Anna Botou participated at numerous group exhibitions,
Her hagiographic works represented the prefecture Halkidiki in tourism fairs abroad.

Anna Botou also is occupied by artistic-photography.

She is a member and president of the Art-Association of Halkidiki and member of SKETBE



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Anna Botou
63100 Polygyros, Chalkidiki
Tel: -
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  Painter & Engraver Stelios Stavrou



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Stelios Stavrou was born in Polygyros, Chalkidiki.
He studied Economics at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and worked as post office clerk until his retirement.

Beside few lessons practice in icon painting at the youth development organization ‘CAN’ in Thessaloniki he learned painting mainly autodidactic.. He also participated in seminars dealing with the ‘history of art’, led by the art detractor Angeliki Sahini referring to the artist Paponi. Stavrou also was taught in graphic arts and prints by his teacher D.Karlaftopoulo in the municipality Neapolis. Stelios Stavrou presented his paintings in nine individual exhibitions, one solo exhibition in engraving and various group exhibitions.

His art-work can be seen at the “Istanbul Patriarchate”, ‘The Art’ in Kilkis, in the Greek Orthodox Sumela Monastery, at the SKEBE (Association of Arts in Polygyros), in the local prefecture, in the hospital, in the town-hall of Polygyros and in various other locations.

Stelios Stavrou is member of the art association of Polygyros, member of the ‘Association of visual arts of Northern Greece’ and member of the ‘Chamber of fine arts in Greece’

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Location of his Atelier

Same location as the ceramist Despina Chouliaropoulou


Stelios Stavrou
Mikyvernis 1
63100 Polygyros, Halkidiki
(St. Fanouriou district in the entry of Polygyros)
Tel: +30 693 607 2543
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Painter Athanasios Bitsios


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Athanasios Bitsos was born 1979 in Polygyros where he still lives and works.

He studied nursing before specialized in preventive intervention rehabilitation and sports medicine by earning the Masters degree at the ‘Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science in Komotini.

His Passion for painting already initialized in his childhood. The mix of colors and the observation of the design of the posture of the surrounding people are the essential impulses of his creativity.

Athanasios Bitsos presented his first solo exhibition 2010 and so far participated in 21 collective exhibitions. He also represented his art in individual initiatives. He is member of the Association of Arts in Polygyros, officiating General Secretary.

His work is used frequently used in the poster advertizing for various events of the ‘Day Center East’ in Polygyros and the center for prevention of addiction & psychosocial health-care in Karpenisi.

In addition to other assignments, he is honorary organizer and coordinator of a painting group for people with psychological disorders in the ‘Day Center East’.

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Athanasios Bitsos
Constandinoupoleos 32
63100 Polygyros, Halkidiki
Tel: -
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Painter Athanasios Kyparissis


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Athanasios Kypriassis was born and raised in Pieria Katerini. Professional obligations brought him to the town Polygyros in Chalkidiki, where he staid and lived ever since.

The inner need to express ideas and emotions of the hidden child inside of him brought him on the paths of painting. Athanassios expressed his hidden passions of the recent years through his paintings. After various experiments he specialized on oil painting, created without rules but mixed techniques.

The first color mixing and painting courses Athanassios Kypriassis attended at the painting workshop, supervised by the teacher Kate Zgempa in Polygyros. In recent years he followed painting courses in Galatista Halkidiki, guided by the Professor Zeki and the painter Nicholas.

Assanassios participated in all the exhibitions of the Association of Visual Artists in Polygyros, in where he is member of the management, holding the office as the Vice President.
His works is exhibited in many private collections.



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Athanasios Kypriassis
63100 Polygyros, Halkidiki
Tel: +30 6945 590 031
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Painter Aikaterini Manolouda



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A few words about me and my philosophy of arts

In early years of life I became aware of the godsend which allows me to spend my time to eternalize the beauty of creation in art. My working materials consisted of everything I had in my disposal including paper, wood or mirror.

At the age of 10, I’ve participated in a drawing competition and won a scholarship to the school of arts in Athens.

After school, I uncompromised my artistic vocation and worked many years in interior design as well as in the decorating floristic. Additionally I kept educating myself by seminars. I consider myself grateful to live a fulfilling way of life.

However I never abandoned the painting, my true love of my life. In the year 1998 I had the opportunity to turn my passion to my profession and gave private lessons in fine arts.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to study at the University of Athens and so I learned again. This further education was focused on photography. Also this spectrum of art I began to love.

Early 2015 I attended the school of painting in Helidoni. This area is also the location of the workshop of the famous artist Christos Leloudi.
Along this way I started to observe the environment of my area Ierissos from an artistic perspective with the aim to broaden my horizons also in my active surroundings.
In September 2015 I became member of the association of arts in Northern Greece, where I teach until today (drawing, watercolor, color). My way of art is still very much influenced by my mentor Christos Leloudis. I also teach abstract techniques by the use of acrylic paint on canvas and various kinds of mixing techniques.
Personally I prefer working with oil, acrylic, oil-pastel, soft-pastels charcoal, wood carving and copper-wire constructions.

My first and second solo exhibition I realized in June 2015 and in August 2016 in Ierissos.
My first and second joint exhibition happened 2015 in the Faculty of Chelidoni in Thessaloniki as well as in the Association of Arts in Lagyna, Thessaloniki in 2016.

Art is my purpose of life and I thank God for the gift to align my life on it. This philosophy comes along with the ambition of personal development, the cultivation of visualization and permanent progress.
In my opinion art can not evolve in isolation but needs collegiality for development.

Further activities in my life
I earn my livelihood in an outfitter for children. The shop is located n my village Ierissos.
I was member of the trade association in Ierissos for 5 years, keeping the position as treasurer. During the period of 2003 – 2005 was elected member of the Merchant Federation of the Macedonian Thrace. From 2004 to 2007 I worked voluntarily as secretary in the cultural association of Ierissos.

Dancing also in an important part of this association and dancing in a Latin dance group is a passion of mine which is worth to be mentioned.


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Aikaterini Manolouda
Ierissos, Chalkidiki
Tel: +30 6972606757
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