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I was born and grew up in the city of Thessaloniki.

In 2011 I accomplished my studies in sociology at the Aegean University in Mytilene on the island Lesbos.
I also graduated in the research studies ‘Agriculture and Environment’ in the Faculty of Environmental Technology.
In 2012 I successfully completed further seminars at the Institute of Vocational Education (Greek: ‘Ιεκ Ξυνή’) in Interior Decoration with certification.
In 2015 I graduated in the University of Thessaloniki of Pedagogical and Technical Education (ΑΣΙΤΕΑΙΤΕ).
In 2015 I became active member in the ‘association of art’ in Polygyros in which I am engaging for several events ever since.

The first artistic impulse I experienced in my childhood due to my mother. Beside her profession as an English teacher she worked as decorator. My passion for art was always part of my life but kept suppressed and unexpressed during my years of study. After completing the University

I volunteered in the ‘Cultural Association in the district Kalamaria in Thessaloniki. In addition to many impressions I’ve experienced in this association, especially the Occupational Therapy triggered an impulse which led me the way to fine arts.

From 2014 I started my journey into the fascinating world of craftsmanship and the manufacture of handmade jewelry.
My preferred working-materials are: semiprecious stone, clay and wire.

My inspiration bases on a mélange of various cultures, elements and color. It is also the combination of classical an modernity.

My art is supposed to awake optimism and contribute joy.



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