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Georgios Kouzouchas was born in the coastal village Nea Skioni in Chalkidiki, where he still lives and works.

The art of Iconography, based on the Macedonian Technique, he learned from his mentor Vasiliko Melissi in Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki.
He accepted private orders in Icon Painting in Greece and abroad.
Georgios also was involved in the Iconography of two churches (the churches of St. Nikolaos in Nea Skioni and St. Joanna in Agias Paraskevis) and designed parts the Hagiographic interior in various churches.
His work can be seen also in public as a painting (size: 1,60m x 1,80m) on the central part of the port of Nea Skioni.

Georgios Kouzouchas presented a solo exhibition in the gallery ‘House Paralis’ in Polygyros.
He also works on portraits and constantly improves himself if further techniques of painting.



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Georgios Kouzouchas
63077 Nea Skioni, Kassandra, Chalkidiki
Mobile: +30 6944745064
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