Ceramist Despina Chouliaropoulou


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Despina collected her first Impression in the art of ceramics during her studies at the art-academy of ‚Nipiovrefokomon’.

She subscribed at pottery courses at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki under guidance of her mentor Christina Wills. She also consequently improves her skills and techniques by visiting many independent workshops.
In the implementation of her creations the resorts to a wide range of possible techniques such as:
Raku ceramic firing, Sagar firing, Horse Hair Pottery, further universal firing techniques, Obvara firing and much more

She participated three times in the SKETPolygyros event ‘In the cellars of Gerakini’, the art event ‘parallel streets 2016’ and also participated at the ‘11th Ceramics Festival’ on the promenade of Thessaloniki.
Despina Chouliaropoulou realized her first solo exhibition in March 2016 in Polygyros.

She is a member of the ‘Artists Association of Polygyros’ as well as a member of the ‘Association of Ceramics of Northern Greece’.



Her Pottery



Location of her workshop



Same location as the painter & lithographer Stelios Stavrou


Despina Chouliaropoulou
Mykivernas 1 63100 Polygyros
(Ag.Fanouriou district after the villages entry of Polygyros)
Mobile: +30 6932350697
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