Kallithea (translated 'good view') is located in the central eastern part of the Kassandra-peninsula. Due to its privileged position it is also the touristic center of the region. Many large hotels as well as small apartments have settled in this area. With its good infrastructure excursions can be easily realized, whether privately organized or by travel agent.

Kallithea is a modern village and one of the most coveted places in Kassandra. In the main-season it is party area provided with many beach bars, music events. It is also a place where pine trees grace the beaches with also a modern shopping center and a cosmopolitan resort, characterized by big hotels and traditional guest-houses. Not far from the village many music bars and clubs with DJ's or live-music open their gates every night during summer. Kallithea offers entertainment in daytime as well as a brisk nightlife for those who want to celebrate all night long.


kallithea-north-view-panorama-wideThis village now is attracting thousands of visitors not only because of its beautiful beaches but also because of its important archeological findings, which were discovered during the archeological examinations of the beach area. In Kallithea were excavated the temple of Dionysus and the Nymphs, parts of the temples of Zeus Ammon (worshiped in the 5.th century BC) including the sanctuary. During the 4.th century BC huge Doric pillars were build in honor of Zeus Ammon. Dionysus has been venerated in the 8th century BC. , proven by detecting a created stairway through the rock and a cave which has been carved for adoration to this god.
Newly, archeologists discovered the early Christian 'Basilica of the solina' ('tube'), an inventive patchwork building, specific and unique of the 6.th century. Examples are the centre aisle which has been occupied by an earlier building what might have been the house of martyrdom. As well, there is a recently constructed, Russian styled, little church with interesting-looking mural art next to the Hotel Ammon Zeus. In this area you also can find the stone pillars of the irrigation system.


Kallithea was a refugee village. The fugitives settled after the 'exchange of populations' during the catastrophe of Asia Minor of 1922. This new place founded by the citizens of Maltepe Propontis and the area of Pontus Kerassountas. Before 1925, Kallithea was primary populated by monks, which pursue mansions and function autonomous from the Russian monastery of the Mount Athos. During the land settlement by refugees and territorial compulsory expropriation, the area was named 'New Maltepe' but 1945 being excluded from the municipality Athytos. In 1946 the separated community took the name 'Kallithea', termed on the nice view of this village. During the recent years the population increased by Greeks from all over the country.










big blue studios apartment room 300x200

Big Blue Studios

Location: Kallithea Mainroad
Benefit: Great view & on the road to the beach

halkidiki giorgio apartments building 300x200

Giorgio Apartments

Location: Central Kallithea
Benefit: Great personal support



Bars & Clubs



ahoy club kallithea 300x200

Ahoy Club

Location: Club-area near Kallithea
Benefit: Atmospheric Open-Air Club