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Yacht Maiora 57

Yacht Maiora 57 has 2 starting points , New Moudania, Sani Marina. Yacht Maiora 57 includes, 3 twin cabins with TV and Toilet, all inclusive kitchen, Living room, Balcony-Dining. Our crew is very friendly with extensive experience and knowledge of the sea. While our prices are very affordable and competitive. It is also equipped with latest navigation and control systems, and agrees with all the instructions Register of Shipping. Under agreement, we have a distinguished Chef for the best service to your holiday

Sea Routes

The Yacht Maiora 57 covers several routes in Chalkidiki including Mount Athos, Sporades and the Aegean Sea. Additional Routes in the Mediterranean Sea are also possible. We're very flexible in order to style your journey as personal as possible. We can make stops in areas and beaches of your choice as well as we can offer a variety of areas we recomment based on our experience.


Important events of your life - Inspired by the sea

Whether a perfect proposal, a impressive wedding-celebration or a sailing into the sunset on your honeymoon. Imagine this unforgettable moment surrounded by the endless blue of the Aegean sea.

A day-excursion on a yacht with the working-team ensures exitement on highes level.

Charter this ship as a birthday surprise. Organize your bachelor-party.

Whatever you have in you mind to make a moment unforgettable we're pleased to help you realizing it on our ship. Don't hestitate to contact us.


Additional Possibilities on the Yacht Maiora 57


A trip on our Yacht Maiora 57 will provide you with many impressive moments on the sea. This impression of endless blue can just be increased by dive in a cristal clear and colorful underwater-environment. Our yacht is well appointed with a professional diving-equippment to enable you this life-changing experience. Our experience allows us to support you with suggestions of ideal diving areas. Our crew is extensive experienced about savety and general knowledge of the sea. Upgrade your journey with an amazing underwater impression.


The Yacht Maiora 57 also supports water-sport on most exclusive standarts. A trip on the yacht Maiora 57 can include a powerful Jet-Ski Seadoo 800. Our experienced team is pleased to support you with this rasant experience. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.