Parthenón Film Festival


Cinema In The Village


The Parthenón Film Festival means a 3-day lasting annual cinematic art-house open-air experience in the historic environment of the panoramic situated village Parthenonas in Sithonia

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The Event


The Parthenon Film Festival celebrates the art of cinematography; providing an ambitious selection of classic films from all over the world, presented at a unique location. It is an extraordinary experience for every movie aficionado.

The screening takes place on the central square of Parthenonas.

Because best things in life should be free, the admission is free for everyone.
Let’s get together

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The History


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1st Parthenón Film Festival 2015!

A new film festival makes its first steps! Three special movie nights with great classic films!

2nd Parthenώn Film Festival 2016!

Three summer open-air cinema nights in the wonderful traditional square of Parthenonas!

3rd Parthenώn Film Festival 2016!

Three special open-air cinema nights in Halkidiki, under the starry sky of Parthenonas!



The Location


Parthenonas is a traditional village, nested on the mount Itamos at an altitude of 350m, near the western coast close to the town Nea Marmaras. According to historical scripts, this place is inhabited since 9th century BC as the city of Parthenopolis. 10th century AC, during the Byzantine Empire the city was called Partheni or Parthenionas. The village as we know it was supposed to be found during the Ottoman Empire. Although the historic town and the today’s Pathenonas are not located at the same place.
After the revolution of 1821 the settlement was invaded and plundered two times by the Turks. At the time of the liberation of Makedonia in the year 1912, the population of Parthenonas consisted out of 400 residents. In the 70tees the population left from the elevated Parthenonas to settle down in the nearby and bigger coastal city Neos Marmaras due better economical opportunities. In the 80tees the village was finally abandoned.
Few years later Parthenonas was rediscovered and populated. Old houses were affectionately restored in traditional manner. Today Parthenonas is famous for its picturesque architecture and one of the most popular places in Halkidiki
1985 former residents of Parthenonas founded the cultural association ‘Parthenon’, dedicated to preserve cultural heritage and environment. The association also is responsible for the restoration of local landmarks. Latest initiatives were the restoration of the church of Saint Stephen, constructed in 1837 it is one of the oldest churches in Halkidiki as well as the restoration of the old school Parthenon, which finally was converted into a folk-museum.

Parthenonas is listed as a place of cultural heritage, protected by state and the European Union.





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