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(ΒΟΥΡΒΟΥΡΟΥ ΣΙΘΩΝΙΑ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΙΚΗ)vourvourou-sunset-sithonia-halkidiki-greece-widelogo

Vourvourou (Greek Βουρβουρού) is a coastal village located in the northwest of the peninsula Sithonia. The village is situated in a distance of 140km to Thessaloniki. About 140 permanent residents (Status 2001) live in this place. Vourvourou belongs to the northern provincial town Agios Nikolaos.

Vourvourou is a classic coastal village. The natural beauty of the area attracts thousands of visitors every year. It's nestled on the impressive Itamos-mountain in front of a wide coast nearby a large bay overlooking the island of Diaporos. The natural harbor was used as a save anchorage since historical times. The nearby port area Ormos Panagias is used as a starting point of organized excursions as the circumnavigation of the Mount Athos as well as for private boat-trips. The island is mainly uninhabited and widely covered with pine forests. Diaporos is the largest of the nine islands in this bay and its easy accessible by boat.

On the coast of Vourvourou is a historical small fishing village whose residents carried on their fishing tradition for generations. The place is worth a visit generally but especially to acquire fresh seafood.

The versatile beach areas Vourvourou, Libari, Xifara, Karydi, Bara and Fava invite for sunbathing, relaxation and walks.

aviator-monument-sithonia-halkidiki-greecelogoA hike to the crest on the Itamos-mountain will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama over the entire area of Chalkidiki and wide parts of the Aegean-sea. The aviator memorial outside of Vourvourou is worth making a break. The monument is placed on a plateau on the cliff with a remarkable view over the bay of Athos overlooking the holy mountain.

On 8th September an observance is celebrated in order to honor the prophets Elias and Theonas.

Most of the local people's income is based on tourism. Some inhabitants still maintain their family-business, dealing with olive-oil production, Tsipouro distillery (Tsiporo: grape- or marc distillation), vineyards, beekeeping and fishing.

During the 60s the faculty of the University of Thessaloniki developed the concept of an environmentally-aware focused holiday resort and realized this idea nearby Vourvourou.

During an excavation in 1974, ruins of the monastery Ieromnimon were discovered close the St. Mary's chapel.
When the area was actually colonized for the first time is not known. Ancient brick-walls and ruins of a historic fortification indicate a settlement in early history. On the island Diaporos archaeologists discovered the ruins of a Pre-byzantine sanctuary of St. Andrew.