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Metagitsi (Greek Μεταγκίτσι) is a small village in the inland and marks the northernmost point of the area Sithonia. About 767 inhabitants (status in 2001) are living in this settlement. The village has an altitude of 150m in a distance of about 100km from Thessaloniki.

Metagitsi is surrounded by mountains and fields and is located 4km away from the coast. The surrounding area can be easily discovered on well serviced road-network and hiking trails, where visitors have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the northern areas of Sithonia.

Metagitsi was built on the former territory of the ancient settlement 'Assa', one of the most important cities in ancient Halkidiki.
The idyllic character of Metagitsi is primarily defined by the traditional architecture in stone constructed buildings and classic colors.
Patron saint of the village is St. Paraskevi.
In honor of the Prophet Ilias a three day lasting celebration is talking place annually on 20th July.

The main source of the population's income is mainly based on agriculture and livestock.

Even beside the summer-season the community attracts many visitors. One of the peculiarities of the village is the legendary food which is offered in the local taverns. The cuisine is known for its traditional recipes by using only the best ingredients. Visitors accept taking long distances to benefit from the culinary art of Metagitsi.
Beside the attractions of an interesting architecture one landmark worth visiting is the dam of the Havrias-river, the Dionysian monastery and the Chapel St. Kiriakis, built in 1868.
The nearest beach of Metagitsi is the coast of Eleonas, followed by the famous beach Kokalas ('Bone') known for its impressive cliffs.