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Travel Planning - Customized Tours - Tailor Made Itineraries

An individually styled vacation is the best way – and maybe the only way - to experience the authentic beauty of a foreign country. Discover the landscape individually. Let local guides lead you through the environment and the possibilities of an area because – who knows their area better than them.

Halkidiki Greece is full of local events, exhibitions farmers-markets, traditional folk-events, ecclesiastical festivals and authentic local events. Perfect conditions to create a stay individually and tailor suited.

Discover Greece beyond ‘club-holiday’ tourism. Experience it individually and be rewarded with unforgettable memories of the countries true beauty. Get in touch with local customs and the people.
Halkidiki Greece created theme-holidays, individual-tours, workshops and excursions based on local factors and with the residents. We also promote local cultural initiatives.

The Halkidiki-Greece Project is also a network project and enables the visitor direct contact to local facilities and services.



Guided Private Tours

Let local guides lead you through the environment and the possibilities of an area because – who knows their area better than them.
Tell us your interests and we work out your individual itinerary. We also offer you a private tour-guide for a reasonable price.
This might be a day-trip to historic monuments, impressive natural landscapes, photography-excursions to traditional villages and many more..


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Contact us without obligation for further information about private tours in Halkidiki Greece and the surrounding areas

  • We offer free profound Information about the area and create you a personal Itinerary, based on your preferences. Whether you are looking for relaxation, action, sport, culture, history, archaeology or landscapes, we are glad to give you advice where to find it.
  • We give you advices which area fits best for your stay. Whether you prefer an idyllic fishing-village, party-location or centrally located for easily realizing private tours.
  • We provide personal Tour-Guides for your trip to historic places, beautiful landscapes, interesting hiking-routes, cityscape & shopping-tours and more
  • We take care for your accommodation, transportation and services. Regarding your expectations we offer you a choice of several apartments and hotels. We contact various rentals to offer you cars, jeeps, bikes or boats.
  • We offer exciting workshops and complete theme holidays.
  • We also work with various local agencies and private companies to enable you fascinating excursions and adventurous trips beyond the mass-tourism.





Tailor Made Travel Planning For Schools, Clubs, Companies and Associations


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Study Trips - Educational Tours - School Trips

The Halkidiki projects offer group leaders, teachers and organizers the opportunity to simplify the planning, organization and implementation of a study trip to Greece

Travel Planning for Clubs, Associations and Companies

The Halkidiki-Project offers tailor-made itineraries and a wide list of possibilities for your club, association or company, based on your interests.
We help you to organize your trip to Greece, provide you with useful information and get in contact with local associations and organizations

Cultural Exchange - Get in touch with local clubs & associations

If your club is interested in a group travel to Greece we offer the elaboration of travel concepts with an appropriate thematic focus and help you to get connected to associations in the area Halkidiki and environment







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