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Nearly a quarter of all family-households in Europe and the US are held by single parents and yet - the touristic offers are nearly exclusively focused on 4-person-families. It's time to wake up. In our opinion and based on personal experiences, a single-parent-child vacation is a very important and beautiful way to strengthen their bond. However, if single-mother or single-father with daughter or son, the opportunity to spend vacations together and to experience new impressions together is a wonderful chance for a spiritual connection and provide precious memories for a lifetime.

Halkidiki-Greece would be glad to support your parent-child-vacation as best as possible. We would be glad help you organizing your vacation in Greece by advising you individually, checking leisure possibilities and accommodations, providing information about the area and what you can do during a specific period of the year. Also Halkidiki-Greece created workshops customized on the special needs of single-parents and child. It is a matter that is near to our heart and we offer this service for free.
Don’t hesitate to ask.