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Hot Air Balloon - Make every occasion to a sensation


Rental, Flights, Advertizing

Specialists in Exclusive Aerostat flights & Aerial Advertising

Curious to see how the world looks like from a hot air balloon?
Enjoy the excitement and fun of the ballooning experience


“More than anything else, the sensation of flying is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination?”


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Offers and Options

Upgrade every event with a hot-air-balloon attraction

Organizing a festival, company party or a private event - a hot-air-balloon is an impressive sensation people will keep in mind forever



The options


Provide your guests or your working-team or customers with a full hot-air balloon trip over the area on VIP-level.

- For an bigger event you can offer 50m up-and-down experiences. This might be the best choice for an event with many people.

- Big Events or festivals can book the hot-air balloon and advertize it on own conditions and income. Or share the basic cost and win with the balloon-company.

- We are as flexible as possible to enable you an individual agreement which fits perfect for your occasion


Company Promotion, Club Event or Opening-Ceremony - a hot-air balloon attracts attention ! Always !

An advertizing banner from your company on a aerostat is a powerful advertizing for your business. Opening ceremony or club-event - a hot-air balloon with your personal banner, circling on your opening ceremony, definitly will cause attention. Promote your company on a hot-air-balloon - a powerful way to play your buisness in gallery.




Get married in the sky



Make your special day even more special and definitly unforgettable. Say yes in the endless sky above the earth. Get married in a hot-air balloon and boost your wedding party with up and down trips for your family and friends. Everyone will have their grandchildren a story to tell. We are glad to support this unique event.



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About the team

Our ballooning-company has a very particular set of skills, acquired over a long career inaviation, skills that make us the perfect choice for your once in a lifetime balloon promotion & flight experience.

We are aviation specialists and people orientated. We have exemplary customer interaction skills and we will endeavor to make your aerial promotion flight as special as possible for you and your customers. Each of our operatives are big fans of hot air ballooning, whether as pilots, ground staff or in the office, they are all passionate about hot air balloons and love to ride in them whenever they can. They know just how magnificent the flight will be for you and they will do their utmost to ensure you cherish it forever.

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Secure journey

Our personal touch, the highest of safety standards and unwavering commitment to provide the ultimate Aerial Advertising & travel experience to the forefront of private aviation in commercial balloon operations in the entire Balkan area. Nothing contributes more to your overall safety than a professional crew. This is why we retain the best pilots in the industry through highly selective recruitment and training programs. Our pilots and crew are trained and rated at Flight Safety EASA system, providing an unsurpassed level of commitment, expertise and skill which not only meets, but exceeds the exacting standards of EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency.

Our experience lead us to gain the entrusted aerial observation and security monitoring of the XXVIII Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 with our airships B 600.Our cooperation in the tourism sector involves a partnership with major WORLD TOUR OPERATORS and marine cruise lines








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